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We are honored by your consideration of our sweet kittens for adoption. We will do everything in our power to make your purchase of a Kitty Couture kitten a purrrfect one. When you adopt a kitten from us we want you to know we will be there for you in the following months with any questions or concerns you may have.



What is a Designer Hybrid Cat?

Hybrid cats are those that are bred from two other cat breeds specifically to create the new hybrid breed. This can be two different cat breeds and sometime even 3 or more breeds, such as is the case with the ocicat. In the wild, there are at least 36 different species of cats, however all breeds of domesticated cats, including hybrids, are from the same ancestral species of wildcat - the African Wildcat.

There is a distinction made between "man-made" hybrids and "natural" hybrids. Natural hybrids occur when a domestic cat (or feral cat) breeds with a wild cat species. Man-made hybrids are when humans choose specifically to breed two different breeds of domesticated cats. The three categories of hybrid cats include: the wild cat/domestic cat mix, the domestic cat/domestic cat mix, and the wild cat/wild cat mix. Hybrids are a relatively small percentage of the cat population, but they are some of the most well-known cats due to their uniqueness.


Other terms occasionally used to reference particular types of hybrid cats:

  • Supercat - Super CatThe term "supercats" are those cats closely descended from wild animals. These still retain many traits of their wild heritage and require the most dedicated keeper. Take caution as they can potentially be dangerous to other pets and animals.

  • Designer CatThe term "designer cats" is a relatively new breed designation, and not without a bit of controversy. This is a term applied to cat breeds that are bred with stunning characteristics. These are considered "lifestyle pets" and often bred for a very particular market or type of cat keeper. Cats types referred to as designers can be either a a hybrid cat breed or a cat body-type mutations. You may see designer cats making their appearance at some cat shows, but many do not yet have a recognized status with cat registries.


Why do you breed Designer Hybrid Cats?

  • In the same way that inbreeding among human populations can increase the frequency of normally rare genes that cause diseases, the selective breeding that created the hundreds of modern cat breeds has put purebred cats at risk for a large number of health problems, affecting both body and behavior. Health problems among purebreds are the product of both inbreeding and bad genetic luck. The genes responsible for many genetic diseases are “recessive,” which means that two copies of a damaged gene, one from the mother and one from the father, must be present in an individual for the disease to occur. Individuals that carry only one copy of the disease gene don’t have the condition, and are carriers of the disease. Normally, because disease genes are relatively rare, it is unlikely that both the mother and the father will be carriers, and even less likely that they’ll both give the disease gene to their offspring. But that’s not the case for purebred cat breeds, where genetically similar individuals are intentionally mated, increasing the concentration of disease genes. It’s like stacking a deck of cards with ten extra aces and ten extra face cards; the loaded deck increases your chance of hitting blackjack in a game of 21-but what you “win” might be allergies or a predisposition to cancer.

*Site Referenced :


Simply put, hybrid cats are less susceptible to maladaptive genes.


How much does it cost to adopt a kitten?

Price of kittens differ greatly dependent upon breed, sex, color, markings, and characteristics. Contact us through text (417-543-6891), email ( or our facebook page (Kitty Couture) for individual pricing.


What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Venmo and Pay Pal. Pay pal is our prefered method of payment. They accept credit/debit cards and transfers from your bank account. All Pay Pal payments require a 4% transaction fee.



























How do I start the adoption Process?

First -browse our site and Facebook page to find your Purrrfect Kitty Couture kitten.

Second -Contact us with any questions you may have and to confirm your kitten is still available. We keep our website and Facebook up to date daily.

Third -Send in your $200 NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to hold your kitten ( this is applied to the purchase price of the kitten)

Fourth -Prepare your home and family for the homecoming of your new FurBaby.


Do you sell your Kittens as Breeders?

No we only sell our kittens as Pets. All Kittens will be spayed/neutered before leaving our home.


Do you Guarantee your kittens?

We guarantee our kittens health for 3 days (72 Hours) after purchase. During the 3 days we recommend you take your new kitten to your vet for a health check. If you plan on doing so, you must keep the kitten away from all other animals and inside at all times or the guarantee is void. In the unlikely event your vet finds a serious life-threatening problem we will either pay to have it treated or take it back for a refund of the purchase price minus the deposit.


Do you Deliver or Ship Kittens?

We have many ways of getting your Kitty Couture kitten to you safely even across the country. All traveling expenses are paid by the buyer. Contact us to find out what method is best for you. 


What should I expect when I receive my kitten?

Your kitten will come to you Spayed or Neutered with age appropriate shots, shot record, and health certificate. Your kitten will be raised underfoot with my family. It will be well socialized. We interact with the kittens a lot and they are exposed to different ages and genders. They are also introduced to dogs and noise. All Kittens are litterbox trained.





Do you offer financing? How does that process work?

Yes, we do offer financing! See a kitten you love, but the price is too much? We found a way to help everyone get a sweet Kitty Couture Kitten! 

Once you have selected your kitten, you will pay the noted deposit amount. Deposits CANNOT be financed; you will pay that directly to us and the remainder to the finance company.


You can apply for financing here:  Terrace Pets Financing


All you have to do is apply and be approved, Terrace and I will take care of the rest for you! Here is the step-by-step process:


Once you apply for the amount necessary and are approved, send an e-mail to to let me know which kitten you are interested in. You will need to place a non-refundable deposit with me and will need to sign a deposit contract via DocuSign.


Once approved, I will be notified and send them an invoice for the correct amount. I will also send them a copy of your deposit contact and health guarantee for your particular kitten. Once the Invoice is processed, Terrace will reach out to you to finalize the contract.




For example, if the kitten you want is 3k total BUT you have 1k in hand and want to put that down... you may pay the 1k as your "deposit" and finance the remaining 2k. 


If you require a flight nanny for your kittens travel, that may also be included in financing. 

Kitty Couture


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